Event Information

Maximum Impact Simulcast: ADVANCE is one of the largest events of its kind in the world, yet still personal enough to impact you and your management team in measurable ways. On Friday, April 18, 2008, ADVANCE will be the premiere leadership development experience that allows you and your team to learn from renowned authors, businessmen and leadership experts.

No other event consistently delivers the lineup of respected leaders and offers the quality learning experience associated with MIS. Each speaker will bring to life qualities and experiences imperative to helping you refine your influence. In one incredible day, you will learn strategies for developing your collective leadership skills- exceeding your organization's standards for performance, productivity and profit, all the while eliminating expensive travel time that drains your people and your budgets.

This is your best opportunity in 2008 to learn from these preeminent marketplace leaders- the must-read, must-hear thinkers and doers who consistently model the results that mark both successful leaders and the companies they serve. Maximum Impact Simulcast is an unparalleled opportunity to hear from not just one, but several revolutionary leaders whose practical and tactical approaches to personal and organizational challenges have made them legendary. You will learn time-tested lessons you can put into practice to achieve the right results right now!

Over 80,000 will attend this LIVE global event in over 600 cities and more than 20 countries.

Click Here To Register Today! - experience for yourself this unparalleled opportunity to engage the mind and spirit of you and your team and unleash the potential for redefining your leadership paradigm.

Speaker Order & Lineup
Session Speaker Topic
Andy Andrews The Traveler's Gift
Valorie Burton What Now? Coaching Segment
John C. Maxwell Leadership Gold
Bill Taylor Mavericks at Work: The New Business Agenda
Andy Stanley Making Vision Stick
Valorie Burton What Now? Coaching Segment
Kevin Carroll Rediscovering Play: Bringing Fun and Passion to Your Work... and Life
Dan Cathy Interviewed by Dr. John C. Maxwell
Valorie Burton What Now? Coaching Segment
John C. Maxwell MIC Lesson: Why People Do Not Reach Their Potential
Dick Vitale The Game of Life
Patrick Lencioni The Three Signs of Miserable Job