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Thursday 14, Jul 2011RSS Feed
Made in the U.S.A. - Does Your Current Web Development Company Outsource The Design, Content or Online Marketing of Your Website Overseas?
DH WEB Web Design and Hosting - Made in the U.S.A.
Well before you hire them you just might want to ask them if they outsource any of their development or marketing to any overseas firms. We have become increasingly aware that more and more start-up and established American based web design and marketing firms are now outsourcing work to overseas companies. Not us...DH WEB prides itself in producing ONLY fully American made websites and web hosting services.

All of the web development, design and SEM (search engine marketing) work that DH WEB creates for our clients is absolutely 100% produced by the talented DH WEB employees and staff, of which all reside in the United States. Our work is never outsourced to overseas companies and DH WEB is very proud to state that all of its websites and projects that we have created are all unequivocally AMERICAN MADE!.

Typically, web development that has been outsourced overseas does not adhere to proper American grammar guidelines, nor do overseas companies have a good grasp of American idioms, culture or phrases that are so important when creating relevant content, keywords and effective search engine marketing.

Optimizing Keywords on your website is crucial for having both your current and new customers find you on the web. An overseas company that has no understanding of American culture, your business or organization is very likely to make the wrong judgments and assumptions when creating or selecting the most relevant keywords and content. DH WEB, being a local based east coast U.S.A. firm, has a greater understanding of American demographics and culture along with the ability and willingness to learn who your audience is. Therefore DH WEB is much better positioned and more knowledgeable to drive or increase traffic to your website, whereas a distant uninformed overseas company is at an extreme disadvantage. This ultimately results in DH WEB delivering a much higher rate of return for very effective content and online marketing.

Are Overseas Developers More Skilled Than Americans?

GILD examined the results of over 1 million assessments taken by over 500,000 developers with an average of 2-3 years of experience.

According to GILD:
  • U.S. professionals score higher on web programming languages: 53% higher scores on advanced PHP; 27% higher on advanced HTML
  • U.S. tech professionals are 33% better skilled than overseas counterparts at English communication skills
  • U.S. programmers outperform overseas programmers on mainstream programming languages including C (US 8% higher), JAVA (9% higher) and SQL (9% higher)

Another disadvantage of outsourcing any project overseas is the extra lead time added by having different working hours along with language barriers which can cause problems with communication and delayed turnaround times.

Also it has come to our attention that if you outsource your online marketing to an overseas firm they often times will set up overseas link farms and even actually hire people within their country or firm to visit your website with the specific intent of bolstering their claim of increasing traffic to your website. So they make the claim that they will double your traffic when in reality it is useless traffic. Do you really think an increase of traffic to let's say your restaurant business website all coming from overseas web developer companies is really going to add dollars to your bottom line? The answer is NO; it only increases your bandwidth usage.

Q. Let's assume you are a U.S. regional home builder, a local restaurant, or tech firm, do you really believe that someone overseas understands your market better than someone that lives in the area where you are located?

A. No! I highly doubt someone from overseas offering very cheap prices is going to fly overseas simply to experience your restaurant or visit your business in order to better understand it.

What DH WEB will do is visit your business so that we can educate ourselves on the aspects of your business you want to effectively promote online. With the ultimate goal of delivering more relevant content for your website which in turn in will produce more business, attain new customers and increase your bottom line.

So contact us today to find out just how affordable our rates are and just what we can do for you, right here in The Good Ole U.S.A.

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