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DH WEB Hosts, and Maintains the Official Dr. Brenda Thiam For U.S. Congress Website

Dr. Brenda Thiam For U.S. Congress

Hagerstown, MD March 5, 2024] - DH WEB Hosting is excited to announce that it is now the proud host and maintain the official website for Dr. Brenda Thiam’s campaign for U.S. Congress. The website, located at https://www.brendathiam.com, showcases Dr. Thiam’s platform, background, and vision for the future of the district

Dr. Brenda Thiam is a respected community leader with a passion for serving her constituents. Her campaign focuses on key issues such as healthcare, education, and economic development. By hosting her website, DH WEB Hosting is supporting Dr. Thiam’s efforts to connect with voters and share her message of positive change.

“We are honored to host Dr. Brenda Thiam’s campaign website,” said David Hall CEO of DH WEB, Inc. “Her commitment to serving her community is inspiring, and we are proud to support her in this important campaign.”

The website features information about Dr. Thiam’s background, her priorities for the district, and ways for supporters to get involved. Visitors can learn more about her platform and sign up to volunteer or donate to the campaign.

DH WEB is a leading provider of web hosting and development services, known for its reliability, security, and customer service. By hosting the Dr. Brenda Thiam For U.S. Congress website, DH WEB, Inc. is reaffirming its commitment to supporting local communities and fostering positive change.

Visit The New Website at: www.brendathiam.com.

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