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Marketing Best Practices: 404-Error Page Design and Usage.

Aww don't cry 404

Your 404-error page is certainly a page you don’t want anyone to land on. 

A 404-error page is the page you are taken to when there is no actual page with that name.

So often we find that web designers fail to address the 404-error page.

The 404-error page is in reality, just another website landing page. A well-designed 404 page can make a huge difference in how a user enjoys and uses your website. Having either no 404-error page or a poorly designed error page is a chance missed out on to engage your users..

We have all experienced it. You click on a link in Google search results and bang, there it is a “404 Error Page Not Found” message. It’s an aggravating and negative occurrence. So all you designers out there, let’s make the 404-error page a more pleasurable and fun experience.

404 error mask

404-errors aren’t always your fault. An incorrectly written link on someone else’s website could result in delivering up your 404-error page, which is out of your control.

Google states that a good 404-error page should show your user that even when things aren’t going right, everything’s going to be fine. Error pages should reassure, be fun and deliver enjoyable content to the viewer. Take the time to design an enjoyable, clever and unforgettable 404-error page, it’s a advantageous endeavor and will pay off in users returning to your website.

Click here to see our error page: dhwebsites.com/nopage 

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