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We Are Proud To Announce The Launch of Our Newly Redesigned DH WEB Website.

New DH WEB website.

Well it’s been long overdue (over 15 years), but we finally created and launched a new website for our company, DH WEB.

We achieved the results that we set out for; a clean look, fast loading, high ranking, and easy to use intuitive website.

Our dated old website had such a high Google search ranking that we were concerned to modify it in any way or create a new site and risk losing the high ranking. However we really needed a new responsive website, especially for all the different viewing devices and platforms out there these days

Website on different devices.

Our main goal in launching this new responsive enabled website is to provide our clients and viewers with a more intuitive and user-friendly experience without losing our page ranking. The new website design clearly states who we are, what services we offer, and what we can achieve for our clients. The intuitive website features a refreshed look, easy-to-use navigation and a number of features which will make the overall viewer experience more effective and influential when viewed on desktop, mobile and tablet platforms.

We also just finished up developing and coding a brand new cool new Content Management System (CMS) which the new site is running under. Read more about it here.

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