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Is Your Business Website Mobile Friendly?

As of November 2022, 49.78 percent of the total web visits in the USA are currently from smartphones, compared to 50.22 percent coming from desktops.

The percentage of web traffic via mobile phones has increased drastically over the past decade.

As of November 2022, 60% of all worldwide web traffic came through smartphones.

Ever increasingly, people are primarily using search engines on their smartphones - your mobile responsive website is more important than ever before.

Smartphone Friendly Responsive Website Browsing

If your site isn’t optimized for tablets and smartphones, even if it ranks number one, chances are people searching will leave your business website and go on to the next business.

Don’t let your bounce rate increase, instead contact us today at 301-733-7672 (contact info) to get your website optimized for mobile devices and tablets

Mobile Friendly Responsive Website


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